Increase Your Book Launch Page's Value With the SumoMe Integration

If you're like most authors, you're eager to increase the traffic to your book launch page. After all, more traffic means more reader engagement, and more reader engagement means more book sales.

And more book sales is a very good thing. In fact, that's why exists in the first place.

The basic features help focus your readers' attention on your book—much more than other solutions out there. But you can really take your book marketing to the next level with some powerful integrations. And today, I'm excited to share that we have such an integration available for you: the new SumoMe integration.

The SumoMe Integration: Guaranteed to Boost Your Book Sales

First off, you should know that SumoMe is a FREE suite of tools designed to grow your website's traffic. It's trusted and used by millions of website creators ranging from bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporate goliaths, and everyone else in between.

Prominent companies like Airbnb and popular blogs like The Art of Manliness rely on SumoMe to effectively elevate the engagement power of their websites.

SumoMe comes with a multitude of powerful tools for sharing, email list building, analytics analysis, and more. It's easy to install and, again, 100% FREE to use.

How to Use SumoMe With Your Page

We've made SumoMe even easier to use than normal because we've integrated our technology direclty with the SumoMe technology. That means that there's nothing to install. All you have to do is activate the integration and start using it.

Here's what you should know to get the most value out of your SumoMe ingetration:

1. Use SumoMe's List Builder Feature

SumoMe's List Builder tool helps you convert those one-time visitors into lifetime subscribers.

The standard email capture feature is an anchor point on your page. That's good. But with SumoMe's List Builder feature, you can trigger a pop-over or slide-in email signup form after a certain amount of time or right before the visitor is about to leave your page. These time-sensitive interactions are an incredibly effective way to optimize email sign-ups. In fact, SumoMe says "it can increase daily sign-ups by 20%."

Additionally, you can connect SumoMe to other email services like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponses, Infusionsoft, Mad Mimi, and MNB. Learn more about List Builder for SumoMe.

2. Don't Forget Tap Into SumoMe Share Tool

SumoMe's Share tool allows you to add advanced sharing elements to your page, making it, as one of our happy users says, "stupid easy for people to spread the amazingness you are creating".

In part, the Share tool enables you to add a share bar that stays visible on the page when a user scrolls. Additionally, you have the ability to include pre-formatted messages to over 16 different social networks and services like Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about Share for Sumo Me.

3. Discover What's Working With SumoMe's Heat Maps

Have you ever wondered what users click on your page?

Maybe it's your book's 'Buy Now' button. Or is it your irresistable book trailer video? Hmmm, could it be your email signup form?

Stop guessing and start knowing with SumoMe's Heat Maps tool. This tool is a super simple way to track every click that happens on your page. In real-time, you can see real users interacting with your page in a visual way that makes clear precisely where people are more engaged on your page. It's like magic.

SumoMe's Heat Map tool is a great way to learn not only where you're effectively engaging your readers; it can also reveal the weak points in your page that deserve some attention. If you want to truly optimize your page's performance, knowing where your users are clicking (and not clicking) is where you should start.


Love SumoMe already? Then you'll adore its additional capabilities, including Contact Forms, Image Sharer, Scroll Box, Smart Bar and more.

Remember, SumoMe is FREE. So what are you waiting for? Activate SumoMe with your page today. All you have to do is copy/paste a line of code in one-click.

Follow our SumoMe setup guide to see exactly how to integrate SumoMe with your page.

Have questions or want some tips on setting up SumoMe? Email us at