5 Great Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Book

So, you’ve finished your book and you’ve self-published it. Congratulations! Luckily for you, the hardest part is done. But now that it’s complete, »

Why you ABSOLUTELY need a dedicated book sales page

Over the last few years, dedicated websites for your book have become increasingly popular. If you're wondering why you need one as an author, here are »

It's never too early to start marketing your book

I can't begin to tell you how many times we hear something like this at Booklaunch: "I love Booklaunch, but my book isn't ready yet. I'll »

Increase Your Book Launch Page's Value With the SumoMe Integration

If you're like most authors, you're eager to increase the traffic to your book launch page. After all, more traffic means more reader engagement, and more »

Anatomy of a Beautiful Booklaunch Page

From time to time, I'd like to help authors understand principles of designing a great book page or book website. This week, the folks at Schooold. »

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