What's New at Booklaunch: July 2020

Hey all 👋🏼,

Following a recent change in ownership (more on that soon), one of the first priorities for the new team was to do some major overhauling of the codebase to improve stability, improve security and fix some long-standing issues like broken login and remove deprecated content. We have done some account clean up and updating of subscriptions.

Here are some of the items that were pushed live this week 🚀:

  • Improved how we handle sessions: less accidental logouts while working on your pages
  • Changed hosting infrastructure: increase performance and scalability
  • Improved automated bug and error monitoring: our team gets notified instantly of any issues on the site
  • Removed Google Plus options (RIP)
  • Fixed Login with Twitter issues
  • General security improvements
  • Miscellaneous text changes

For the nerds: 🤓

  • We're now building client-side differently for improved performance: code-splitting to only load needed code on pages

Just a few items down, so many to go.

We would love to hear from you on what features / improvements / additions that would be most helpful authors to market your books, so please let us know!