Reader Insights via Behavior-Based Analytics

Understanding your readers is the lifeblood of today’s most vibrant author careers. If you want to write books that sell and grow an audience, working hard to know your readers is an imperative you cannot ignore.

Where do you start learning about your readers? With behavior-based analytics.

Behavior-based analytics go beyond just basic web visit views. They include data on which specific websites are referring readers to your book page, which sections of your book website those readers are clicking on, which social networks are being used to share your book page, what vendors are people choosing to purchase your book from, and more.

At, we believe in empowering authors with the analytics they need to begin understanding their readers.

With these insights into your readers’ behaviors, you can begin to understand key details that define your readers’ attitudes and motivations, including:

  • What online communities matter to them and influence their thinking
  • Which social networks they use to discover content they like consuming
  • Where your book’s message resonates the most and drives action
  • Which online retailer they prefer to use to buy books
  • Whether or not they are okay being sold to directly (e.g. via Gumroad)

The more you study and understand these behaviors in relation to your book’s website, the more you can adapt and evolve your message and marketing for optimal alignment with your ideal readers. When that alignment is struck, the magic happens: customer lifetime value.

Customer lifetime value is a way of thinking (even measuring) how valuable a single reader is to you over the span of your entire author career.

The more you understand your readers’ behaviors and needs, the more likely your readers will join you for the long haul. That increases the value of your average reader in terms of number of copies purchased of a single book, the number of books he/she will purchase across your backlist of books, the number of appearances they’ll make at a conference you’re speaking at, etc.

As always, knowledge is power. Use it well and to your advantage.

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